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Why Wasps Become Aggressive and How to Avoid Them

Wasps are everywhere. Wasps of many species are found throughout most of the United States and world for that matter. They come in many varieties and behave differently depending on species. But for the sake of this article we will focus on the most common wasp humans encounter here in Central Florida: The paper wasp.

This wasp is the one you see building a nest under the corner of your home, under a window shutter or basically under any structure that shades them from direct sunlight. They build their nests high enough to protect against land creatures. They pay little attention to humans and perhaps this is the cause of most troubles we have with them.

The fact that they will fly right by your face and build in your carport or by your front door means that we will have run-ins with this flying creature. All attacks from this wasp are because a human stumbled upon their nest and disturbed it and wasps react by stinging. Do you remember that 80’s song “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun”? Well, ‘wasps just want to be left alone’. Not as catchy of a tune. But when they build so close to human habitats, collision is inevitable.

A World Without Wasps

Despite what many people may believe, the wasp actually serves a purpose in the ecosystem. They eliminate a lot of bugs that would otherwise take over the skies around your home. They also pollinate plants. They are just part of the insects such as the 750 species of butterflies, and flies and beetles that act as pollinators for 75 percent of U.S. flowering plant species.


We are not advocating that you allow wasps to nest willy-nilly around your home. If they are allowed to do this your children or pets can truly be in danger. If a nest is close to where there is a lot of human activity, it is best to destroy it. You can buy over the counter wasp sprays. The best time to attack the nest is at night when they are all home and dormant. You can also call a pest control company in Brevard County Florida to do it safely and professionally.


If a wasp is flying around you, there is no need to swat at it. This may actually make it become aggressive. Instead just kind of try to get out of the way. They have little interest in you. In fact, if you have ever seen Star Trek: TNG, the wasp is much like “The Borg” species. They totally ignore you until you become a threat to the hive.


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