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Winter Time Pests in Florida and What You Should Know

Even though Florida is usually warm, it is important that you know which pests to keep your eyes peeled for. Many of them will try to find comfort within warmer homes since the temperatures outside do drop. With this in mind, here are some of the Florida pests out there.

These pests are known to be in Florida and invade homes when the temperatures drop. Make sure that you’re aware of what to watch for in case they come to visit your household.


Ants are a big thing in all of the months of the year, but they’re around for the colder winter months, as well. Usually these little guys will come in to find warmth and food inside the home. Not many people are picnicking during these months, so they need the next best thing. Ants will hang out just about anywhere in the home.


Cockroaches are common in the southern regions due to the warm temperatures. This means being very careful with the food that you leave out must be done. However, when the colder months come around, many of them are going to find homes to multiply in. These can also be extremely hard to get rid of once you have them, so you want to make sure to hire a professional for the job.


Rodents such as mice and rats are commonly found inside homes when the temperatures become chillier. They can also be hard to get rid of. They are also known to spread diseases through their droppings. They can burrow in items throughout the home, cause damage and even make everyone sick. This is a pest that must go when it comes to calling a pest control specialist.


These teardrop shaped silver bugs can be found in those damp, dark places slithering around on the floor. These insects like to be warm, so they will go indoors when it is too cold outside. They will eat through almost anything that they come across, making them very destructive. Since they only come out during the night time, infestations might be hard to catch right away.

Winter pests are common and these four are known to frequent the Florida areas. When you find that they’re invading your home, it is best to speak with a professional pest control company. They’re able to provide the necessary removal services that you’re in need of.

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