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Would you benefit from a pest inspection?

As winter turns to spring, our thoughts often turn to sun, sand and the outdoors.  Even though spring is a joyous time, it’s also a time when the damage that pests do can quickly develop into a huge headache costing lots of money if you don’t catch it early enough.  Springtime is a time when the winter-nesting pests emerge from their cold-weather homes and when many pests begin to mate and breed.

Not only can pests cause damage to the structure of the house during their wintertime hibernation, an unknown infestation can contribute to an increased level of allergies, a higher level of toxic air in the home and even an increase in bug bites.

Although many good products exist for homeowners to do it themselves, there are advantages to hiring a professional company.

  1. Professionals will get down and dirty in your home.  We go where the bugs are.  If necessary, we’ll crawl into the crawl space, climb into the attic or get on our bellies to better inspect your foundation.
  2. Professionals can recognize the early warning sides of a problem. We understand the living habits of unwanted pests and are good at spotting things an average homeowner might miss.  This could include the early warning signs of structural damage.
  3. Professionals deal with pests not handled by do-it-yourself applications. We deal with such hard-to-handle pests as raccoons, skunks, voles, termites, rats and carpenter ants.
  4. Professionals provide advice. We’re more than happy to share what we know about pest control so that you can take the action that will limit your risk of attracting outdoor pests or indoor bugs.  We are a treasure trove of information related to treatment and prevention.
  5. Professionals create a treatment plan to deal with your specific problem. Over the counter bug sprays can be useful, but one size definitely does not fit all.  We know how our products work best, where to apply them and how to apply them in a safe manner.  We make sure your family, children and pets are protected during any treatment.

Bugs and pests are a fact of life in this area of Florida.  Even if someone treats for cockroaches today, there’s no guarantee that you won’t bring one in tomorrow with the groceries.  So it’s important to remain vigilant and knowledgeable in order to keep your home bug and pest free.  Scheduled pest inspections can help you make sure you reach your goal.

13 Mar

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