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You Discovered a Beehive on Your Property – What to Do Now

We all get very busy in our every day life which includes family and work. Sometimes we get so busy we don’t even notice subtle changes in and around our yard. One day you may notice a large number of buzzing insects in your yard and discover that they are bees. If there are a lot of them this probably means that there is a new beehive there.

Don’t panic. Its important that you know exactly what you are dealing with. Try to get a look at the individual flying creature without getting too close. You can identify whether it is a honeybee, a yellow jacket or a wasp or hornet. Here is what to do for each:


You may have heard that world is suffering from a kill-off of honeybees. There is no one single culprit for the mass decline. But it is believed to be caused by harsh and unapproved pesticides used on lawns and farm crops. It is for this reason that we generally recommend not to kill honeybee hives. They are important for pollination and a balanced ecosystem.

Honeybees are typically relocated. At Sunstate Pest we offer a bee removal service. If you have a honeybee nest and want it gone, please call us.

Africanized Bee

An Africanized Bee is like a honeybee on steroids. You don’t want to mess with this guy. They are much more dangerous and aggressive. If you are seeing what looks to be large honeybees, don’t go near the nest. Call Sunstate Pest at 1-800-781-PEST

Yellow Jackets

These fast moving smaller hornets usually burrow in the ground or low laying places like dirt mounds or even fallen trees. They are very territorial and will sting you for just being too close. There is always a danger when trying to deal with yellow jackets yourself. Enough stings from them can cause a person to go into shock.

Hornets & Wasps

You usually see these nests under the eaves of houses or any overhang to any structure. They typically only build in well-shaded areas. Sometimes they will make very large hives in the woods up in a tree. If you hear buzzing the best idea is to walk away from the buzzing. Curiosity can be dangerous.

Companies make good wasp sprays that allow you to stand 15 feet away and spray the nest. We generally don’t recommend doing this unless you can escape indoors immediately afterward. Some wasps may escape the spray and come looking for the source. It has been suggested that you do this at nighttime when all the wasps are home and resting.


As with any and all pest problems you may encounter, feel free to call Sunstate Pest and have us take a look at your issue. We can solve it for you and it will be a lot more affordable than you probably think.

08 Mar

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