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How to Take Care of Your Lizard Problem

With an abundance of bugs in Florida, there is an abundance of lizards that eat them.  The number one way to control your lizard population is to control their food source.  If left unchecked, they can become quite a nuisance.  They can cause damage to your plant life, invade your home and leave deposits unconducive to barefoot life.

Types of Palm Bay Florida Lizards

Anole Lizard. You may have found your cat or child chasing them around.  They can change color from green and brown and commonly lose their tail from predators (or playful children).  They make great gag-earrings when clipped on to your lobes, but more practically, they eat insects around your home such as small spiders, crickets and ants.  How They are known to make great pets.

Florida Scrub Lizard. Active year round, these reptiles prefer a sandy habitat.  They mostly eat spiders, beetles, and grasshoppers by waiting in ambush for them.  They do not grow much larger than 5 inches and have a very dark stripe that runs down their side.  Males have a bright turquoise patch on their throat and underbelly.  This threatened species is protected by the Federal ESA, but your Brevard County Pest Service can help you manage any population you may have on your property if they become a nuisance.

These tiny reptilian predators also feed on many of the same insects.  There are numerous types in the Central Florida and Palm Bay area.  They move very quickly and range in coloration from sandy brown to coppery brown with dark stripes.  The most common is the Five-lined Skink known for its brightly colored blue and turquoise stripes on the tail.

Best Treatments Methods

The absolute most assured way to decrease your lizard population around your home is to maintain regular pest control service to keep its food source, insects, to a minimum.  Another helpful option is to spray lizard repellant.  It is an offensive odor to them and will cause them to look elsewhere for food and water.  They are excellent climbers so a netting deterrent may be helpful for certain species.

If you find they have nested within your home, they need to be removed promptly.  While they do not carry diseases, they do have an offensive odor to them and will destroy your home from the inside out.



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