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signs that you might have a serious ant problem

Signs You Have an Ant Infestation

An ant infestation is not easy to spot. It can be subtle, making it increasingly difficult to determine whether you have overflowing ants in the first place. This is why if you doubt that you may have an ant problem, it is highly likely you do. 

While spotting rodent infestation is relatively easier, it is still possible to spot an ant infestation in Melbourne, Florida. Aside from watching live ants roaming your home, there are a few extra signs you need to look out for to identify if you have an ant infestation. 

Signs You May Have an Ant Infestation

An ant infestation brings many health problems since they bear many problematic properties. It is also stated that ants harbor Salmonella. Therefore, you must be vigilant in preventing them from overtaking your home in Brevard County.

To make matters easy and time efficient, you should read through these signs and verify to determine whether you have an ant infestation or not.

Hollow Sounds in the Floorboards

One of the major signs of a pest infestation in your home is that there are hollow sounds in the floorboards. It may get confusing as to which pest may be causing the hollowness since termites cause a similar symptom.

Nevertheless, if you see even one ant near the ends of your floorboards, then it is definite that your home is infested with a bill of ants. This is because there is no such thing as a lone ant; if there are a couple of ants, there is likely an entire nest nearby. 

As they eat wood and are automatically attracted to wooden areas, they tend to burrow deep into the material. Therefore, there won’t be any obvious sign of wood rot or warping – you will have to tap and check to find out.

Weakened Wood

Weakened wood is typically a sign of severe infestation. This is where the wood physically crumbles into your hand when you touch it. Or you can take a knife and check the wood. If the object tears through the wood, it is a grave problem. After this, it is advised that you immediately call professionals for help.

Remember that the wood will likely look completely fine on the outside. However, inwardly, it will not be able to hold on under slight pressure. 

Random Piles of Dirt

This is a relatively clear sign that you can spot a random pile of dirt nearby if you have an ant infestation. However, if you have a soil floor, it may be easy to miss the bulk of it. Ants prefer building their nests on soil, making your property perfect for habitation. 

In this case, it is best to scan the area properly- look for any slightly elevated pile. Moreover, if you have a grass plan, look for any raised flowerbeds or heaps of stacked sand. 

Live Ants

If you see even a single live ant in your house, it’s a sure sign that a larger colony is present nearby. Seeing a few ants means they are out looking for food because ants are continually looking for food.

Ants are usually drawn toward places where people frequently eat and drink. Therefore, you’ll most likely see them near the kitchen area. 

Final Thoughts

An ant infestation is more or less impossible to exterminate on your own. You won’t be able to completely remove them from your home. This is because another trail will immediately pop up when you try to kill one ant. They are more difficult to exterminate than they are to spot. 

When ants have taken over your house, the ideal option is to quickly hire a reliable pest control service in Melbourne, Florida, that knows what it is doing and can quickly help you get rid of an infestation.

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One response to “Signs You Have an Ant Infestation”

  1. Luke Smith says:

    It’s nice that you mentioned how weakened wood is typically a sign of severe infestation. I noticed some ants around our house lately and they are starting to ruin some wooden parts in our house. We want to prevent further damage, so we should call for an ant extermination company as soon as possible.

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