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Ant Problem May Be Much Deeper Than You Think

If you have ever dealt with ants you know that the mound on the top of the ground is just the very tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The majority of the ant colony lives under ground for protection and to stay warm. But, some ant nests are truly enormous and may be more than your average homeowner can handle.

Ants are a constantly growing species. They make human population growth look like child’s play. On one acre of land there can be millions upon millions of ants. Ants can cause many problems for humans or animals in the area. Besides damage to the yard and building structure, ants that bite can seriously injury or even kill pets and small humans.

When you see small ant hill you have just scratched the surface. Even the tiniest ant hill can be the top of a nest that is several feet deep.

If you have a minor ant problem and want to try to handle it yourself, there are poisonous baits you can use. The bait relies on worker ants taking the poisonous food back to the nest and poisoning the other ants, and hopefully the queen(s).

If you have tried the baits and other over the counter remedies and they ahve not worked, it may be time to call a pest professional.

06 Dec

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