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Armadillos Are, In Fact Considered a Pest

Most people think of a different state when they think about an armadillo.  The truth is that they are a very invasive species here in Melbourne, Florida.  They are considered a digging animal and can ruin a yard in no time.  They are affecting our undergrowth and taking a chunk out of our low-browse vegetation.  If you notice an armadillo in your yard, it won’t take long before you have a problem on your hands.

Why Hire an Exterminator to Deal With Armadillos?

Three quarters of the coastal region in our state is considered to have a moderate to severe armadillo infestation problem.  Due to the destructive nature, they cause a chain reaction throughout our ecosystems. These insectivores will uproot and kill bushes and low lying vegetation in efforts to find worms, termites, ants, grubs, and occasionally bird eggs.  They also will force the endangered gopher tortoise out of its burrow leaving it vulnerable and claim the new home as their own.

Armadillos are also known for carrying Hansen’s Disease, which is the same as leprosy.  The most recent cases of armadillo transferred leprosy occurred just a few months ago.  Outside of human beings, these mammals are the only animals to carry it.

Ways to Prevent Armadillos in Your Yard

Aside from the problematic role they have in our area, they are expert diggers and will not hesitate to make your property their home.  Here are a few helpful tips to prevent them from ruining your yard:

1) Have a sturdy fence around the perimeter of your property. Make sure it is at least a foot below the surface to prevent them from just burrowing under.

2) Make the soil smell bad. Armadillos have excellent noses, but they despise mothballs and pine needles or pine mulch.  A rag that has been soaked in vinegar may also help keep them away.

3) Ultrasonic devices have been known to work. They may keep other pests away such as skunks, but might not work well if you have a pet.

Pest Control Solutions

It is important to work towards keeping their population down in an effort to combat their high reproductive rate.   Starting at only one year old, females produce 4 offspring every year.  Over the course of their life, they can produce around 56 new armadillos.  They will burrow under homes and destroy foundations looking for places to raise their young.   Trapping is an effective method as long as the burrow is filled back in and preventative measures are taken to prevent other opportunistic comrades from taking their place.  Most pest control solutions are in the form of insecticides to eliminate the food source in your yard and special professional grade repellants.

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