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roaches and covid 19

Covid and CockRoaches

The disease known as Covid has been thrust upon the world and has disrupted it like nothing in recent decades. Many people were laid off work while others were asked to work from home. All of this set in motion a chain reaction which caused there to be a rise in cockroach activity in the residential sector. We have noticed about a 20% uptick in roach related calls since the start of the pandemic.

In this article we will go over the reasons why there has been such a dramatic increase in roach activity as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

  1. More Food = More Roaches : Being at home more means you eat more at home. The more food that comes into the house attracts more roaches. Even if you are a careful eater, just the smell of the food being in your home more will attract pests.
  2. Noticing Them More : When you were at work and your kids were at school, roaches would go unnoticed during the day. Its the same as when you get up to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night and spot the cockroach on the floor. They know your schedule. They detect vibrations on the ground and know when to hide.
  3.  Restaurants and Business Closures : Nearby businesses which handle food, like restaurants or grocery stores, may have closed due to the pandemic. The roaches that they used to battle are now looking for a new food source. They will make their way into the suburbs looking for a new host. Roaches are scavengers and can live a very long time without food and water. They can even live up to two weeks without their head.

Some tips to help curb roach activity:

  1. Make sure screen doors and windows stay closed. Also, keep an eye on the ground when you walk in and out of the house. They will wait in the cracks between the door and the ground and rush in once you open the door.
  2. Make sure all unused drains are covered. Roaches love to make their way in using drains. Drains provide the perfect cover and path into your home.
  3. Simple roach baits are effective, to a point. If your roach issue is light and not significant, then store-bought roach traps and baits should do the trick. If they are dug in pretty deep you may need to call pest control.
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