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roaches coming out of drain at night

Are Roaches Coming in Through my Drain Pipes?

You clean regularly. You mop, sweep, wipe down countertops and you never leave dirty dishes sitting out. Yet, you still have the occasional run in with the big ugly cockroach. What gives!?

Trust me when I say that we hear this all the time. And there is an explanation for what is happening to you. Roaches may have gained access to your home through your drain system. At any point down the drain line if there is a weak point that is not totally sealed off, roaches will find a way in. This is their expertise. And what better place for a roach than a drain pipes loaded with decaying food and water?

You can’t blame the roach. They are just doing what they are programmed to do. That is, to feast on decaying organic food matter and convert it into nitrogen. Its all part of the process of the ecosystem. But you can take steps to keep them from entering your house through your drain.

First Step: Inspect Drain System

The first thing you want to do is make sure there isn’t a crack or opening of any kind in your drain system. That goes for any and all drain pipes on your property. There is no sense in treating the problem if roaches have unlimited access to the system.

If you are satisfied that your drain system is secure and closed to the outside world you can move on to step two. If you have a damaged or exposed drain you may want to hire a local licensed plumber to fix it right away.

Step Two: Sanitize Your Drains

Some people just pour bleach down their drains and though it is true this will kill roaches, it is also true that it can release toxic fumes back into your home and is not totally safe for all drain systems.

Some natural alternatives are as follows:

Flushing – Plug your sink and fill it with warm water. Then remove the plug. The massive amount of water coming down the drain at one time may be enough to wash away roaches. At least for the time being.

Baking soda and vinegar – Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the drain. Then follow that up with half a cup of distilled vinegar. Close or cover the drain for 5 minutes. Then pour 5 cups of boiling water down the drain.

Other Ideas

You can simply purchase several drain covers and at night, before you go to bed, plug your drains. It seems like a hassle but this is Florida and the environment is perfect for roaches and they get hungry. They will through most any lengths to get into your home.


The sooner you accept that you are in a battle with a creature that has been at this for many millions of years the better. You can never rest or get too complacent. Or you will certainly get roaches. Wage the battle every day and you will get into the habit to where you don’t even think about it too much.

Also, if you still feel like you have an inordinate amount of roaches around you may need professional help. Call your local pest control agent to get a quote.

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