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General Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Its that time of year again when the rains starts pouring and the sun shines brighter. The grass grows thicker and faster and must be cut almost on a weekly basis. This is not reality for some people though. They have lawns which are dysfunctional and have underlying problems which make it impossible for their lawn to grow well.

In this article we will go over a handful of general tips which help to make or keep a yard healthy. These are generally accepted tips in our industry but may have nuance.

I. The Right Kind of Grass
If you are growing grass which is not just right for your area, you may face an uphill climb. The bottom line is that certain grass species grow better than others in certain climates. How close you are to a body of water can also affect what type of grass you should choose.

II. Stay of the Grass
This next tip conjures up the age old cliché of the old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn. The reason he was yelling was probably so that his yard would stay looking nice. The simple fact is that the more you use your lawn the harder it is to make look beautiful.

III. Use Chemicals Sparingly
Not only use them sparingly, know what and how much you are applying. Chemicals can be beneficial to lawns in recovering from pest damage or even as a boost to help them grow. But they are a double-edged sword. Having a professional apply them is probably worth the investment.

IV. Keep an Eye on It
Many people don’t realize they have a problem until the problem is monumental. At least once per week you should walks the grounds and look for anything suspicious. Patches of brown grass, animals droppings, frayed edges or anything that just wasn’t there before should be of interest.

If you find yourself having a pest problem please feel free to call your local Melbourne, Florida Pest Control Agent. We will give you a free quote.

We do offer our own lawn care program which will keep your lawn pest free and healthy and green. Please call in to inquire.


20 Apr

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