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Have You Heard of Powder Post Beetles?

The beetle has a strange name, that is for sure. When we bring up powder post beetles, 9/10 people shrug their eyebrows because they have no idea what we are talking about. In this article, I will go over what a powder post beetle is and how it may affect you.

This beetle is a wood destroying insect. They are nicknamed powder post because when they bore through wood they leave wood dust in their wake. But the powder is actually called “frass” because it is combined with the beetle’s feces as well. Ewww.

There are three types of this beetle. Each one has its own preferred way to chow down on wood. There are the Bostrichid Powderpost Beetles, the Lyctid Powderpost Beetles and the Old House Borer.

As you can guess, the last one is specifically known for munching on the beams of your home. The females lay eggs in the crevices of wood and the larvae take up to five years to mature. All the while they are weakening and destroying the wood that supports your roof and floors. In a heavy infestation, you can actually hear them chomping away at your house. Double ewww.

Prevention is the best way to avoid these buggers. Buying old timber that has been sitting a while is a bad idea. Buying fresh wood or using a very reputable contractor can help avoid getting stuck with this beetle problem. Unfinished wood is especially vulnerable to these pests.

If you suspect you are having a problem with these or other wood infesting insects, please give a pest control agent a call. A quick inspection can tell you what you are dealing with. This is something you do not want to try to tackle yourself. A professional will be needed.

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