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How to Control Dollar Weed in Florida

If you live in Florida and you have a lawn, then you’ve dealt with Dollar Weed. Once Dollar Weed appears in your yard, if left unchecked, you have an entire lawn of nothing but this pest. It spreads quickly, choking out your St, Augustine or Bahia grass. Once there, it is difficult to get rid of.

Dollar Weed is a lily pad shaped weed that does not grow up, but rather spreads out. If you’re next door neighbor has it, then it is only a matter of time before it will be in your yard. So what can be done to prevent this from getting to your yard?

First, erase the thought of total eradication. Weeds are as inevitable as death and taxes. So think about control. Keep the weeds down to a tolerable level by understanding how to control them.

Dollar Weed is a water-loving weed. So with this in mind, make sure not to over water. If you water your lawn too much, then you invite Dollar Weed into your yard.  A good rule of thumb is one inch of water per week.

Do not cut your grass too short. Dollar Weed thrives in a thin lawn. Set the height on your mower to the highest or second highest setting to prevent thinning out of the grass.

If you find that this nasty weed has invaded and you need to kill it, then use Atrazine on your lawn. Apply Atrazine as directed once in the spring and again in the fall to control the weeds.  Atrazine has a pre and post-emergent effect on weeds, which means it not only controls weeds and their seeds. Therefore, do not apply to a newly seeded lawn due to its effects on the seeds.

Another way to prevent them is to make sure you mulch your landscape beds. If they get into your landscape beds, then pull them out by hand and then treat with a Grass and Weed Killer.

Dollar Weed can be a real headache for those who want a beautiful lawn. But with these tips and the help of a lawn care professional service, this pest like all others can be controlled, even if you have neighbors who let their lawns get taken over. So remember, watch your watering, watch your grass height and mulch your beds.

10 May

One response to “How to Control Dollar Weed in Florida”

  1. HorseWeb says:

    Thank you for these tips! A couple of years ago, I didn’t pay enough attention to dollarweed and paid a terrible price for it. I had to plow the entire pasture 🙁 I had no idea that this weed is water-loving. Now I’ll be careful!

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