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Keeping away squirrels

How to Get Rid of Squirrels

Squirrels are little animals which you can find in most any neighborhood in North America. Many people find them endearing and even feed them regularly. Some people do not find them so great, especially when there are a lot of them in a relatively small area.

Squirrels are in fact a rodent. And as such they can do “pest like” things such as

  • Infiltrate and stay in your attic
  • Chew on wires and screening
  • Leave feces and urine in places where kids play
  • Dart out in front of cars possibly causing an accident

Now, one or two squirrels in your area may bring balance. They usually just eat nuts from local trees and keep to themselves. But too many squirrels can cause them to become loud and obnoxious.

Tips for Keeping Squirrels Away

First, you want to make sure you home is sealed up well and that they cannot make a home anywhere inside. On cold nights they tend to seek warm shelter. Make sure the areas around wires and pipes coming into your home are sealed well.

Second, make sure all the fruits and nuts falling from trees is policed up. If you have a tree or plant providing a large amount of food for the squirrels you may want to consider having it removed.

Last, make sure trees and limbs are at least 6-8 feet away from your home. Otherwise, squirrels will just use your house as an extension of the tree system.

Strong Odors

People use pepper and peppermint to try to repel squirrels but the results are often inconclusive. They will spray a water solution containing the two ingredients onto trees and flowers in the area. There are also urine smells you can purchase which are from larger predators known to eat squirrels. This solution may work as well.

If you discover you have a squirrel infestation, you can contact your local pest control agent and contract them to get rid of your squirrel problem.

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