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How to Keep Mosquitoes from Breeding in Your Bird Bath

Florida is home to many beautiful species of birds. There are hundreds of different types of birds found in Florida. Many of them can be found around your yard. Bird lovers like to put bird feeders and bird baths in their yard to help the animal and to enjoy the company of it at the same time.

In many of our previous articles we have written about how to keep mosquitoes from dominating your environment. The number one tip to prevent mosquitoes is to not have any standing water around your home or yard. This suggestion conflicts with the idea of having a bird bath.

The solution is to have movement in the water at all times. There is a device to get this accomplished. A water agitator keeps the water from being still and at the same time does not deter birds from enjoying a quick dip in your bird bath. Bird bath agitators can be found for between $20-$100 from various online bird bath stores.

Some bird bath agitators are even solar-powered! You never have to change batteries or plug it into an outlet. They offer heated bird baths for our neighbors in the north but you won’t need that option here in Florida.

The bird bath is an invention thousands of years old and now with modern technology you can have a bird bath that doesn’t also serve as a maternity ward for annoying mosquitoes.

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06 May

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