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Pest control inside and outside the home

Indoor Outdoor Approach to Pest Control

There are two reasons to have pest control services at you home. Either you have a pest problem you need to eliminate or you want to prevent pests from taking up residence along side of you and your family. Pest control takes place in two main area: inside and outside the home.

Inside the home, a pest control specialist will apply baits, gels, dust, or granules in the areas where pests are most likely to come into contact with them. They may also spray a pesticide in certain areas of the home as well. All of this is done with safety in mind. They will never do anything that will bring harm to you or your family, only to the pests themselves.

Outside the home it is very much the same story. They will create a protective barrier around your home as the first line of defense against invading pests. In the case of termite prevention, they may even dig a small trench in the ground. All of these techniques have been born from many decades of research and testing.

For the most serious infestations all hope is not lost. Methods like tenting and fumigation exist for the most extreme cases. Your pest control agent is well-trained in what methods will work best for particular location.

Sunstate Pest has been in business well over 40 years. That is 40+ years of fighting against pests in the Rockledge, Melbourne, Palm Bay and beachside areas of Brevard County, typically known as one of the toughest pest locations in the United States. We have had great success in that time defeating pests and stopping them in their tracks.

There simply is no pest situation that we have not seen and have not been successful at managing. When you want something done right from the start, you hire a professional.

Your pest control agent will also educate you on what you can do differently to help in the battle against pest infestation. Knowledge is power, as they say, and in this case knowledge and science combine for a pest-free household.



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