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Roaches and Water

Just a Little Water Can Invite Roaches

Cockroaches are nature’s most persistent scavenger insect. In fact, the cockroach has been on Earth a staggering 300 million years. They live everywhere on Earth except Antarctica. There are over 4600 species of this insect. So, what makes them so plentiful?

The cockroach is built like a machine. It’s dome-like exoskeleton makes it extremely tough for its size. They are constantly on the hunt for even the tiniest morsel to devour. The roach is so tough it can live weeks with no head. It is also believed that the roach will be only living creature left on Earth should there ever be a full-out nuclear war.

Water, even in tiny amounts, is what will draw roaches. This is because the roach needs a lot of water to carry out its daily function. It can go days without food but perishes quickly without water. This is why anytime you see footage of sewers or city drains there are always roaches scurrying around.

A tiny drain leak under your sink or under your house is enough to invite this pest. They will keep returning to this water source so long as it exists. A single roach will produce up to 400 offspring in its 200 day life cycle. So once they take hold, they are a real menace.

It is advised that you check to see if there are leaks anywhere in and or around your house. Check beneath the house too. Check crawl spaces and under bathtubs. Roaches can spread disease to humans. This makes them a direct threat to your and your family. A qualified pest control agent can help you eliminate roaches.

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21 Oct

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