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Making a Wasp Trap

Wasps are probably one of the most despised of all the insects out there. When you think about a wasp, there doesn’t even seem to be a benefit to them. They burrow into our homes and sting us; that’s about it. So, you are going to want to make sure there are no wasps around your home. You can call an exterminator, or you can make up some nifty wasp traps on your own.

One of the most popular wasp traps involves an empty soda bottle or jug. A one-liter soda bottle is a perfect size. The size needs to be able to hold a few inches of water and also have some area for the wasps to fly. You will cut the top of the bottle off just about where the bottle starts to get wider. Take this cut off top and place it upside down into the bottom part of the bottle so the spout is on the inside of the bottle. You can put two small holes in the sides of the bottle and hang it with string to an area where you notice wasps making themselves at home.

Now you need something to attract the wasps. Sugar water works great, although some people like to use jam or honey. Once the wasp flies in to get the sweet treat, it will not be able to fly out. If you have used sugar water the wasp most likely will drown. Don’t worry about attracting beneficial bees; just add some vinegar and that problem is solved. Some people take buckets or pails and put sugar water with vinegar in them to trap wasps. These types of traps will cause the wasps to drown.

The ideal time to start trapping the wasps is in the beginning of the warm weather when they start making themselves known. Putting these traps out will minimize the amount of wasps on your property.  If you put the trap out early enough in the spring, you might just catch the queen. If you are lucky enough to catch her, you just made sure you have one hive less in your yard. No queen, no hive.

Making a wasp trap isn’t difficult. But, if you don’t feel you make one, there are many effective commercial versions you can purchase at your local garden store. Skip the pesticides and use a wasp trap.

11 Apr

2 responses to “Making a Wasp Trap”

  1. Bob says:

    I recently tried the “WHY” wasp trap and didn’t get one wasp at all for about a week now. I put a small container off jam into the top part where the vinager goes. Still nothing came into it. Also tried sugar water with honey. No wasps so far at all. I live in spring Hill, Florida. There’s alot of wasps near me this year. Can you recommend anything else might.

    • Pest Management says:

      There are some wasp traps on the market like the “RESCE!” wasp trap. You may give these a try.

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