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Methods of Bee Removal

Bee removal can be ideal in the spring in summer months when bees are creating hives in siding, gutters, overhangs and in soffit fixtures. When they start to come into the home, cause commotion outside of the home or when someone allergic is trying to enjoy the outside weather; then it may be time to contact a bee removal specialist. With a trained professional, you can ensure that not only are the bees and wasps removed, but they’re also prevented from coming back again.

Methods for Removal

Though every bee removal method is different, it is crucial to understand that the method used on your home is determined by the type of bee, the request of the homeowner and where they’re located in or outside of the home. Homeowners may wish to have the honeybees given to a safe area, or for the pest control service to use an environmentally friendly removal option.

Environmentally methods can be used to move the bees from the side of the home to a beekeeper that can collect the honey. This can only be done for honeybees, since they’re crucial to our environment. By having them collected, they also ensure that they get every scrap of bee hive from the home, so that they do not come back and build on it.

Spraying is one of the most used ways to remove the bees from the home, as well as preventing them from coming back. By using a spray solution, it can be applied to the nest and the home where it is located. This should only be done in an outside area by a professional. Once the wasps or bees are killed, which is usually done overnight and then checked the next day; the nest is removed.

In order to prevent further infestation by bees or wasps, protective layers should be placed in areas where they’d be known to create a nest. Additional spraying of these areas should be done to prevent them from building again. Bees are known for leaving their scents in areas that they once had a nest, so preventing them is crucial.

Always speak with a professional pest removal service when removing bees or wasps from inside or outside of the home. They have many methods for removing these pests, but also to help keep them away for good. No one should have to deal with bee or wasp infestations.

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