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events in Brevard County

Things to Do in Brevard December 2020

It’s Christmas time of the year. And although Covid has caused most events and gatherings to be cancelled, you can still find some things to do. In this article we will list a handful of events in the Brevard County area of Florida. What: St. Anthony Annual Holiday Food and Bake Sale Where: St. Anthony […]

07 Dec
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orchid show at Brevard County FL

Upcoming Events in Brevard County Florida

Even though our profession is to alleviate pest problems, our number goal is to serve Brevard County. We love our community and hope you do too. In this post we will list some of the upcoming public events for the local area. We hope to see you there! May 2, 2019 The Illusionists Live from […]

01 May
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Halloween safety tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Wednesday is Halloween. Kids and parents alike will be walking through neighborhoods collecting candy in this tradition. Though the holiday started in Ireland, the United States, Mexico and Canada celebrate Halloween as well. It is important to remember safety with all of these people and especially young kids out and about during twilight hours. The […]

29 Oct
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Methods of Bee Removal

Bee removal can be ideal in the spring in summer months when bees are creating hives in siding, gutters, overhangs and in soffit fixtures. When they start to come into the home, cause commotion outside of the home or when someone allergic is trying to enjoy the outside weather; then it may be time to […]

17 Mar
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What Can a Pest control Specialist Offer Me?

If you live in Florida, you’ve dealt with pests. Whether of the insect variety or the animal variety, it’s impossible to avoid. One day one of the common pests of Florida will get you. They’ll invade your house, your yard, your garage, or all of the above. Fortunately, you have the internet and you will […]

06 Feb
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Global Warming and the Effect on Insects

Global warming is a term most all of us have heard.  Any time there is a warm day, it’s blamed on global warming.  Unusual weather?  Must be global warming.  Flooding?  Definitely caused by those melting ice caps that are increasing the sea levels.  Yes, there are many things that have and will be altered by […]

01 Apr
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Super Hybrid Termites Invade Florida – Part 2

We are constantly amazed and in awe of the dynamic aspects of the ecological systems found in nature.  The world around us provides unlimited opportunities to discover and learn about the nature of our planet.  Scientists have discovered the evolution of a new breed of termite, one that is quickly spreading across Florida and altering […]

27 Aug
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Everything You Need to Know About Fleas and Ticks

If you are a pet owner, then you know the importance of keeping your pet flea and tick free.  Not only are they a harmful nuisance to your beloved fur baby, they can plague you and even make you severely ill.  Most places only need to worry about these pests during the late spring and […]

15 Jul
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Public Service Announcement – Credit Card Skimmers

Since the dawn of time, people have exchanged goods or services for other goods or services.  And – unfortunately, since the dawn of time, there has always been somebody trying to take from that exchange what they didn’t earn.  It seems officials find a way to stop one method of theft only to have the […]

14 Jun
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Miley Cyrus released off the Florida Keys

Yes – you read that right!  But – no – we’re not talking Miley Cyrus, the human singer.  We’re talking Miley Cyrus – the twerking loggerhead sea turtle. Several months ago, a turtle in distress was rescued. It was noticed because its bobbing in and out of the water similar to the famous twerking move […]

11 May
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