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settings in which a plant or an animal lives or exists

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Options

With the changing world around us, many households are looking for more environmentally friendly options that help reduce their carbon footprint. There are many ways to reduce the number of chemicals that are used for pest control. Sometimes, however, chemicals may be needed to ensure that the pests are eliminated and to prevent further infestations […]

27 Feb
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What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management or IPM, is an environmentally friendly approach to managing any pests.  For the last 30 to 40 years, ever since widespread use of harmful pesticides has been regulated or banned, a new approach has been gaining strides in the way pests are managed.  IPM is not just for commercial farmers all around […]

04 Nov
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The Eco Friendly Approach

It used to be that pesticides and harsh chemicals were the only option for both making your lawn look beautiful and keeping the pests away from your house.  As we learn more about side effects of these old chemicals, such as DDT, we realize that we need something healthier.  We want something that not only […]

28 Mar
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