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Prehistory of Melbourne

The Melbourne area and eastern Florida has a deep, rich prehistoric history.  Throughout the years of economic development, we have been finding some very interesting items.  Not only do they include bones, they also include shards of pottery and other signs of early life. It’s sometimes difficult to understand what these are considering when you […]

25 Nov
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Guarding our Furry Children against Fleas

Our pets are not just animals that take up space in our home. Our pets are family.  Their health and well-being are extremely important and just like we would take care that our human children are doing well, we also want to make sure our furry children are also doing well. One of the things […]

09 Apr
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How Bedbugs Might Arrive in your Central Florida Home

Bedbugs are tiny thin or flat-bodied insects that cannot fly but can crawl very fast. These creatures are dark brown in color and can grow quickly upon eating. Their main food source is, well, YOU! They drink blood from humans and other animals. A lot of these bugs have been noticed in central Florida for […]

20 Dec
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Pest Fun Facts

Insects and rodents are everywhere and Sunstate experts have seen it all! While most homeowners detest the site of unwanted guests in their homes, they often don’t know exactly why they dislike them so much (other than the obvious creep factor). Here are 25 fun facts about insects and rodents if you ever wanted to […]

31 Oct
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