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otherwise known as Indialantic, is a city in Brevard county, Florida, the United States of America; It is bordered by the city of Melbourne Beach to the south, the city of Indian Harbour Beach to the north, the Indian River to the west and the Atlantic ocean to the east

How to Tell if you Have Powder Post Beetle Damage

The powder post beetle is a prominent pest in this part of Florida and is actually prevalent in the coastal and southern areas of the United States.  They can be found all the way up in Maine, down the eastern coastline, across through Louisiana and Texas, into California and up through into Oregon and Washington […]

21 Apr
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What Lizards are in Florida?

For new visitors to Florida, seeing a lizard crawl up the outside of the screen door might provide quite a bit of entertainment. But for anyone that’s lived in Florida for any length of time, seeing a lizard becomes more commonplace. Although there are literally thousands of types of lizards that can be found worldwide, […]

17 Apr
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Controlling Termites from the Outside

Most people in Central Florida first notice termites in their house when they see the swarm.  You either see the termites flying around the house as they leave the current colony in order to start a new one or you will see dead termites lying on the ground or window sills.  These were the ones […]

08 Apr
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Managing the Critters!

When most people think of outdoor pest control, they often think of termites or fire ants or some other type of small annoying insect that can be managed through proper lawn care. However, there is a larger class of pests that need to be addressed. These include raccoons, skunks, deer, snakes, alligators, armadillos, and other […]

02 Apr
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All about Scorpions

Luckily for Floridians, Scorpions are not found all that often in central Florida.  However, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist in the area, because they absolutely do! The average Floridian will run across one every few years.  But every once in a while, someone will either run across several scorpions at once or find evidence […]

19 Mar
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Pest Control in Indiatlantic, Florida

Ask anyone who lives in central Florida and they’ll tell you how quickly the winds and weather can change. Here at Sunstate Pest Management we understand that the regulations and application procedures of our pest control products are no different. That’s why we work tirelessly to keep abreast of the evolving standards and procedures within […]

26 Feb
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Mice in Indiatlantic, Florida

Mice are never a good thing to be running around in your house. They chew holes in important structure, insulation and even personal items and they carry and spread germs. Additionally they leave little mouse droppings everywhere which is not only disgusting … it’s unhealthy as particles from their droppings can become airborne and affect […]

16 Jan
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