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spoken abbreviation of “Vero Beach”, a Flordia city in Indian River County

Pest control during coronavirus

Pest Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We have all been on self isolation or practicing social distancing in an effort to prevent this COVID-19 virus from spreading to ourselves and our loved ones. Many businesses have shuttered their doors or have sent their employees to work from home. People are at home much more now than ever before and that means […]

23 Mar
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Restaurant pest control Brevard County Melbourne

Protecting Your Restaurant from Pests

As well as treating many homes in Brevard County, Sunstate Pest also treats a large number of businesses as well. One type of business in particular is especially attractive to pests. Restaurants are a beacon for any living organism. The place offers shelter, food and water. As the temperatures can creep down into the 30’s […]

28 Jan
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Different Variations of Cockroaches

There is more than one type of cockroach that you can find out there. In Florida, there are a handful of different types that can be seen. Many of them can live in the homes of humans, causing a lot of problems. When you find that you have a cockroach infestation, it could be from […]

06 Mar
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Basic Facts about Brevard County Termites

These silent destroyers will eat your home from the inside out.  They are endemic to all parts of Florida and the Southeast part of the nation.  Most likely they were accidentally brought over from the West Indies and have been a destructive force ever since.  The good news is that they are easily treated and […]

16 Sep
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Super Hybrid Termites Invade Florida – Part 2

We are constantly amazed and in awe of the dynamic aspects of the ecological systems found in nature.  The world around us provides unlimited opportunities to discover and learn about the nature of our planet.  Scientists have discovered the evolution of a new breed of termite, one that is quickly spreading across Florida and altering […]

27 Aug
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Bobcats in Vero Beach?

Last month, the local news lit up with the story of the bobcat dragging a shark out of the ocean at Sebastian Inlet.  Although many people thought that the picture was a hoax, local experts as well as wildlife experts state that it is probably very real.  Although it’s highly unusual to see a bobcat […]

16 May
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Burmese Pythons

History Burmese pythons are not native to Florida. In fact, they’re not native to the United States at all.  Burmese pythons, as the name suggests, are from Southeast Asia (which includes Burma).  They were first noticed in the Everglades in the 1980’s. It is thought that these animals were introduced into the wilds of Florida […]

02 Mar
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For Floridians – what does a wetter winter mean?

Rumor and the TV weather-people tell us that El Nino is on the way this winter.  El Nino brings with it a wetter winter with some milder temperatures at the beginning of the winter.  If this is true, the combination of warmth and wetness may bring a higher incidence of ants, termites, cockroaches and mosquitoes. […]

05 Dec
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All about the Black Widow Spider

The black widow is one of the most terrifying spiders around.  The “popular belief” is that one bite from a black widow spider will drop you dead.  They are thought to mate and kill, and have been used as a basis for terrifying movies about deadly, psychotic women.  These spiders are simply the stuff of […]

29 Oct
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Head Lice

Back-to-school time brings new books, new friends, homework in the evenings again and if you are one of the unlucky few, it may also mean head lice.  In a school situation where children are in close quarters with hundreds of other children, lice can spread extremely quickly. Lice (plural of louse) are a parasite.  They […]

29 Aug
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