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basically the home base for wasps where they sleep and lay eggs

removing wasp nest

How and When to Remove a Wasp Nest

In Florida, wasps are everywhere. They are an insect that will basically set up shop anywhere they can. They try to select under-hangs or shaded areas. They will usually pick areas where there is not a lot of human traffic. After Hurricane Dorian left town, I was unlatching my hurricane shutters. I have the type […]

05 Sep
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Removing Wasps from the Siding of the Home

Wasps are a tricky problem to have. Not only can they be deadly when they’re grouped together, but they can also provide quite the sting, over and over. When they’re building a nest on the side or inside of your home, then having them removed should be the first consideration to make. You do not […]

08 Sep
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Wasps and Why They Become More Aggressive in the Fall

Wasps tend to be bothersome creatures, and so many are scared of them because they can sting, it does hurt and they won’t stop at anything. But did you know? Wasps become even more aggressive and all over the place as the cooler weather sets in throughout Viera, and then we say goodbye to the […]

16 Jul
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