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Coldest season of the year. December – March on the modern calendar.

silverfish and other pests

Winter Time Pests in Florida and What You Should Know

Even though Florida is usually warm, it is important that you know which pests to keep your eyes peeled for. Many of them will try to find comfort within warmer homes since the temperatures outside do drop. With this in mind, here are some of the Florida pests out there. These pests are known to […]

06 Dec
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Why You Should Keep Your Pest Control Service this Winter

There is a common myth that insects die out during cold winter weather.  They actually seek out the warmth provided within and around homes.  Pest control treatment services are best kept year round.  You don’t want to miss a vital treatment that would leave your home vulnerable to an infestation come spring time with warmer […]

29 Dec
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Winterizing your house

Unlike the northern areas of the country, winterizing a house in Florida has little to do with how to shovel feet of snow and protecting pipes from cold temperatures.  Oh sure – we sometimes get a winter blast that brings a little snow or ice, but it really doesn’t last long for us.  But that […]

09 Jan
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