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Tiny Black Ants that Move Very Fast

If you are reading this, you probably searched the exact keywords used in the article title. Tiny fast black ants, one day they just show up like uninvited in-laws. They start with one or two little strays that you can easily sweep up and get rid of, but then they just keep coming.

These tiny black ants are called by many names:

  • Odorous Ants
  • Sugar Ants
  • Stink Ants
  • Coconut Ants

At the end of the day they are just “annoying ants”.

They don’t bite or sting. They just get into and all over everything. And like the name implies, they are searching for sweets. The individual ants are scouts. Any tiny pebble of sugar will be enough to call in the rest of the gang.

They reproduce in massive numbers and often have several queens in their nest. They can travel within your walls, under doorways or in your attic. They are very good at getting into your place. So what can you do?

Number one is obvious: don’t give them any reason to stick around. If you keep your place immaculate then you have nothing to worry about. But this is often not the case. Microscopic food droppings happen.

Number two: you can buy ant bait in the store. These can really work and are worth a try. You leave the bait out and they will take the poison back to the nest. With any luck you kill the nest, but at the very least they know your place is off limits.

The final and third solution is calling for a monthly pest service. The pest control agent will identify any and all pest problems you may have and craft a plan that fits your needs.

24 Jun

4 responses to “Tiny Black Ants that Move Very Fast”

  1. Tim says:

    These little monsters are farming a scale insect on my new 2 year old tree! I sprayed the scale and nicked it down but the spray had no effect on the ants. I used granular Lorsban on them and I can’t see that it effected them at all. What can I use that effective on them?

    • Pest Management says:

      You can try the liquid ant baits that come in the small plastic container. Place it near the area where they are active. If that doesn’t work we can get a pest control specialist out to you. Let us know. ~ Brad

  2. […] think about being a tiny sugar ant and wanting the most reward for your work. A sugar ant can glum on to a grain of sugar and easily carry it back to the nest. This type of ant specifically […]

  3. Pat says:

    These ants are only the size of two grains of black pepper and unless you magnify them you can’t tell they are ants

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