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Tips to keep spiders out

Tips to Control Spiders in Your Home

Most house spiders are not dangerous to humans or pets. But spiders are considered creepy and undesirable by a large majority of people. You definitely don’t want to be enjoying your conversation with someone and looks down and there is a spider crawling up yours or their leg. Not cool.

So, we have gathered some simple tips that you can use to keep spiders at bay. During these chili months spider naturally make their way indoors so now is the perfect timing for this article.

  1. Squash them when you can. Spiders are able to avoid many simple pesticides because their main body is elevated from the ground and only the tips of their legs touch the surface. If you see a spider, don’t run for the spray. Instead squash that spider in its tracks.
  2. Pesticides can be useful. If you spray cracks in your home with pesticides this can kill or prevent spiders. Their bodies come into contact with the surface when they are crawling through cracks.
  3. Control food sources. Spiders aren’t interested in your food. But the bugs they eat are. If your home attracts small insects then it will, by default, attract spiders as well.
  4. Glue traps – Setting these in dark areas will not only catch your spiders, they will give you an idea as to how bad your overall insect problem is. If the glue traps snag several insects and spiders over a two week period you have a pretty bad pest problem.
  5. Call a professional. If you use a pest control specialist, they will know exactly what to do to prevent infestation of spiders and other pests. Usually, you can get a free estimate.
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