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What does a pest control agent look for when inspecting?

Treating and Securing Common Pest Entry Points

No house is totally 100% secure from pests. Even brand new homes may have tiny spaces that ants can wiggle their way into. Roaches have been known to use plumbing to gain entry into people’s homes. The housecat or dog will often track in fleas when they get out.

This is why it is important to treat and secure all pest routes at once. How exactly do you do this? We plan to answer that very question in this post.

Treating the Structure

There are many ways to treat the actual structure of your home for pests. The wood framing of you home should be checked regularly by a termite specialist near you. They may also dig a trench around the base of the home to create an invisible barrier for termites as well.

Spraying long lasting pest repellant on or near the most common pest entryways is a great idea too. In and around your patio are good places to start. Under the eaves of your roof are another great spot to treat.

Securing the Building

Making sure all of the screens in your windows and doors are in good working order and not damaged is a great way to prevent entry of pests. At night these little buggers try their darnedest to make entry. They try over and over again until they find that little damaged area of your screen. In fact, this is why you often see lizards hanging out on these screens. They realize that insects are attracted to the light and it’s where they can get an easy meal.

Making sure the soffits and panels under the eaves of your home are secure and fitting properly is another great tip. After hurricane season, these often become dislodged and allow easy entry for pests of all kinds. Rodents, insects, arachnids and even reptiles make their way in through gaps in these areas of your home.

Pest Control Service

A professional pest control service will know when, where and how to treat your home based on multiple factors.

  1. Age of Home
  2. Structure Building Material
  3. History of Pest Issues
  4. Does Family Have Children
  5. Does Family Have Pet Animals
  6. Has There Been Recent Pest Treatments
  7. Area of Town/How Close to Body of Water

A pest control agent will inspect your home for signs of pest activity and then recommend a treatment plan based on all the factors mentioned above.


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