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What Kind of Lizards are in Florida?

Lizards are reptiles which can range from tiny sizes of less than an inch to giant lizards several feet in length. In Florida, lizards are everywhere. In Brevard County you will encounter small lizards mostly. But there are exceptions.


The Tegu Lizard is a large lizard which first leapt on the scene about four or five years ago. It’s native land is South America and it is thought to have arrived here via the pet trade. The numbers of the lizard are not known but they are not very common in the area, yet. The Tegu is an invasive species and they threaten local wildlife.


The Iguana is another invasive species which we are seeing more of. This animal made its way up from South Florida where they have basically run amuck. The Iguana did not exist in South Florida in the wild until the 1990’s. Again, the pet trade was responsible for introducing this species into the habitat.


The gecko can be found all over Florida. In fact there are ten species of gecko here. Only one is native to Florida however. That one is called the Reef Gecko. It can be found throughout Florida and the Caribbean Islands. The House Gecko is the one you are most likely to see making a nest in the eaves on your home’s roof.

The Brown Anole

This is the lizard you probably see the most out of all of them. This is that little lizard that flashes its neck piece when it is at rest. This species was introduced to Florida about a century ago and is native to the Caribbean. This anole has a high reproductive rate. This is why you see them everywhere.


Lizards can be considered a good animal to have around your home because they eat pests like ants, caterpillars, moths, crickets, just to name a few. But, they can also be an annoyance. For instance, everyone in Florida has had to chase a lizard through their home to catch and release it. If you don’t catch them they die in your home. And that will attract ants. They also leave their feces everywhere which is not pleasant.

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