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What Exactly is Pollinator Health and Why is it Important?

Much discussed, and rarely spoken about; pollinator health is actually quite important to the environment and everyone that lives in it. Bees that pollinate the flowers and other plants around where you live are important to have. In order to provide us with the herbs, food items, spices and medicine that we use on a daily basis; these flowers need to be pollinated.

Why is Pollination in Cocoa Beach So Important?

Pollination is needed to grow so many different types of items. With everything from fruits to vegetables, and anything in between; these bees account for almost all of the food items that we use, medicines, herbs and other items. This is why it is so important for the bees to be intact, left alone and allowed to pollinate in these areas.

With so many homes spraying and trying to eliminate the bees from the inside and outside of their homes; this is causing additional damage to the agriculture in the Cocoa Beach area. Instead of having these bees sprayed for in order to be removed, there are alternative solutions that can be used instead. These alternative solutions ensure that the bees are not harmed in the process, while still being able to pollinate the necessary areas.

Bees Can Live Harmoniously with Humans

Not all stinging insects have to be permanently removed from the outside of your home. They can live in harmony with you, while providing your area with the necessary pollination. If you have a garden or other plants around your home, they can be a beneficial addition to have. Not only will they help these plants grow, but you will soon find your garden will flourish in the process.

Beekeepers can come out and remove pollinating bees from the outside of your home if you would like to have them removed. This ensures that they’re not harmed during the process, but also that they’re able to be used within the area for the pollination that they’re normally used for. This is a great way to build gardens around the home, without disrupting the natural order of nature.

Before you consider spraying, or other harmful solutions; make sure to speak with professionals that can help you with eliminating the need to kill the bees that would otherwise be beneficial to our environment. Speaking with someone regarding the bee issue around your home, prior to spraying can give you an idea of what options you have to go with.

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