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Pansy Flower can Be Grown in Melbourne FL

What Flowers Can I Plant in Winter Months in Melbourne Florida?

Winter in Brevard County is very warm compared to most of the continental United States. Its true that we do have cold spells and many plants do suffer during these times. Leaves fall off certain trees and in North Florida it is hard to distinguish where Georgia ends and Florida begins. Down here in Central Florida plants and flowers fare better.

In this article we will list which flowers can be planted in the winter season here in Melbourne, Florida. These flowers fall under the category of “annuals” meaning that you can plant them all year long.


Petunias are low-growing plants which produce beautiful flowers which come in a variety of colors. One petunia you will see quite often in Melbourne is the “Mexican Petunia”. This plant produces purple flowers and even has its own special visitor, a green colored bee named the “green orchid bee“.


This flower is called snapdragon because some say the flower resembles the face of a dragon. This flower loves cool to warm weather and will do well in your garden. They are native to North America, Europe and North Africa.

Pansy (Pictured)

This flower was actually a hybrid production created specifically to be used as a garden flower. Per Wikipedia – “It is derived by hybridization from several species in the section Melanium of the genus Viola, particularly Viola tricolor, a wildflower of Europe and western Asia known as heartsease.”


This flowering plant can grow up to 6 feet and its blooms are quite striking. It is recommended getting the dwarf variety however as they deal better with heat. They can be planted in full sun or part shade and are relatively easy to maintain.

Garden Pests in Melbourne

Garden pests can be as small as aphids, beetles, grasshoppers or larva but can be as large as rabbits or deer.

Please don’t forget, if you have a garden which is being attacked by pests we can help. We can craft the perfect solution that will keep pests away and allow your garden to thrive. Give us a call.

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