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sugar ants and other sugar pests

Why Do Certain Pests Love Sugar?

Of all the different types of food that pests love, sugar may be one of their favorites. But why do they love sugar so much?

Sugar is the simplest form of pure energy in food form. Table sugar, or sucrose as it is known in the scientific world, is a simple compound that packs a caloric punch. Molecularly speaking it is loaded with atoms of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. It looks like this C12H22O11.

Now think about being a tiny sugar ant and wanting the most reward for your work. A sugar ant can glum on to a grain of sugar and easily carry it back to the nest. This type of ant specifically is on the prowl for anything sugary. They will consume sugar in any one of its many forms:


Sugar smells can attract most any pest. If you are outdoors and having a sugary treat, you can attract bees as well. Now, we know that bees are important for the survival of all species because of the pollinating they perform. But when you are trying to enjoy a popsicle you do not want bees all over you.

If you leave a sugary mess behind you can bet that that will attract ants and other types of pests. Bugs and mammals of all kind enjoy sugar because it is the tastiest and most rewarding food type calorically speaking.

Some pests are not interested in sugar however. Big headed ants, for example, are not interested in sugary treats. So if you put down a sugar ant bait and wonder why the ants are not going for it, it s probably because you do not have a sugar ant infestation.

It is a good idea to buy a granular ant bait as well as the liquid sugar ant bait. This way you can be ready for whichever type of ant may try to invade your living space.

If you have tried everything and are at your wit’s end with ants, please contact us and we can solve the problem for you. We service all of Brevard County Florida as well as St. Cloud and Kissimmee.

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