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Why is Bee Removal Important?

There are many species of bees and are considered to be very dangerous to have around your home.  Killer bees have become a serious problem over the years.  Yellow Jackets and even native honey bee species should be properly removed by a licensed and insured pest control servicer.  Spraying them with home remedies is just not enough.

Removal of the Hive is Necessary

If you have ever tried to take care of your bee problem on your own, you are probably left frustrated.  It would be worth a few stings if home treatments took care of the issue once and for all.  The reason why these DIY tactics are inefficient lies in the secret of the hive.  Even if you successfully exterminated all of the bees, if the hive or honeycomb is left, another colony will come in and establish a nest of their own.  The Florida Department of Agriculture recommends the hive be professionally exterminated or removed and relocated to a beekeeper.  This will ensure the safety of Melbourne residents as well has helping to maintain a healthy honey bee population, vital to the agricultural integrity of our state.

Types of Bees in the Melbourne area

While it may be important to identify the species of bees on your property, it is not worth getting stung.  Knowing the most commonly identified types of Melbourne, Florida area bees can help you understand that these social insects are dangerous and very good at overtaking the area with their hive.

The Africanized honey bee is very aggressive. Their individual sting isn’t what is so painful.  They tend to swarm and multiple stings have been known to cause anaphylaxis in people who do not normally react to bee stings.  Also known as killer bees, they have the iconic yellow and black stripes on the abdomen with a fuzzy yellow thorax.  Their eyes are large and oval shaped.

Carpenter bees are large, but tend to avoid close encounters with humans. They have been known to hover and stare at you, but prefer to take chunks out of your home’s wooden exterior rather than you.  They have yellow, furry thoraxes with solid black hairless abdomens.  Even though they are not a potentially serious threat to humans, they can destroy a home.

Yellow Jackets are also an aggressive species, especially during the fall time. They are much smaller than the honey bees but pack quite a painful sting.  They are great at pollinating but do not make honey.

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2 responses to “Why is Bee Removal Important?”

  1. John says:

    According to the article, hiring a professional for bee removal is important since they are able to effectively relocate a hive and therefore maintain a health bee population. My sister lives in a particularly wooded area that seems to be more susceptible than usual to bee colonization. If having a professional handle the relocation of any hives that appear near her home is the only way to completely remedy the situation, then I think it would definitely be worth it to her.

  2. Luke Smith says:

    I like that you pointed out how it is recommended the hive to be professionally exterminated or removed and relocated to a beekeeper. We have a beehive in our property and we are a bit worried that someone might get hurt because of it. With that in mind, we are thinking of calling for bee removal service to take care of this issue.

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