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You Find a Snake in Your Home – What Should You Do?

Snakes freak most people out. And even the people they don’t freak out would be alarmed if they opened the closet door and a snake slithered out. So, what should you do if you find a snake inside your house? We have compiled a short list of steps your should take.

  1. Try Not to Freak Out – Freaking out will make the snake freak out and either attack or most likely, look for deep cover. You don’t want the snake to try to become scarce. Snakes are professionals at hiding.  You want to be able to find it and remove it.
  2. If the snake is by a door that leads outside you may be able to just wait for it to slither back out. Or maybe even give it a nudge with a broom.
  3. If the snake is in your house and not near any door, you can thrown a trash can over it and keep it in place until a professional can come and remove it. Make sure to weight the can down with a heavy object so it cannot crawl out from underneath.

If you are not familiar with snake species, it is best to contact a professional from the start. There is no sense in risking a bite that can be painful and worse yet, poisonous. Keep your pet dog or cat from the area. They may want to take a shot at the snake and pets get bit all the time and some die as a result.

29 Jan

One response to “You Find a Snake in Your Home – What Should You Do?”

  1. Margie Smith says:

    Wait, I don’t have time to read whole article. Home filled with snakes. What do I do? Also, follow up question, is the man with rats on his head okay? Asking for a friend. Can’t wait to comment on your next post. Love your content.

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