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Rats and mice can destroy your home structure.

What Sort of Damage do Mice and Rats Cause to My Home?

Rats and mice fall under the family of mammal known as rodent. Rodents are a scavenger species that more or less takes advantage of any opportunity to eat anything that is digestible within their vicinity. Rats can also kill any creature smaller than itself to make a meal out of it.

Rats and mice have followed humans around since our earliest days. They know that we produce a great deal of waste in our daily lives. Old apple cores, scraps of beef fat, you name it, a rat will consume it. Unfortunately, the items on their menu also includes the very materials your home is made from. Rats and mice will chew through drywall, cardboard boxes, wiring, piping and just about anything they can break down with their teeth.

Having a rat infestation will decrease the value of your home because they destroy it from within. Not only do they consume the building materials, they also urinate and defecate behind walls and in attics. Many times, this material will need to be be sliced out and removed from the home and in unsalvageable. In fact, rodents cost homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

The Sooner the Better

As soon as you notice rodent activity in your home it is best if you spring into action. The longer you wait, the more damage they will cause. By the time you notice rats or mice, chances are they have been there for many weeks. They are very good at going undetected.

Rodents will often scurry around the home at night when the house is quiet so as to avoid being detected. Perhaps it is built into their DNA to know that their hosts find them to be a threat and will try to eliminate them. Rats and mice have carried many diseases over the years and that just adds to the reasons you don’t want them in your home or near your family.

Pest Control for Mice and Rats

Here in Brevard County, we employ various techniques to rid a house of rodent infestations. We use a series of baits, traps and repellants to control the pest population of our clients. We can have your rodent problem eliminated and under control within several visits. After that, we recommend maintenance visits to prevent a new family of rodents from moving in. We will also help you create a list of things you can do to deter new rats and mice from coming into your home. We truly believe in the “whole home approach” which includes removal, treatment, repelling, and client education.


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