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Roaches everywhere

Look at All These Roaches – Where Did They Come From?

A roach infestation can happen before you know it. It only takes one female to lay eggs in your home to have a real problem on your hands. A female roach can create 14 to 36 offspring in just one laying of eggs. With the right conditions, a single German cockroach and her offspring can combine for up to 300,000 roaches in just one year. The scope of their ability to reproduce is truly staggering. It’s “roaches gone wild” essentially.

German cockroaches are a very common species in the States but there are many more species. In fact, there are 38 different species of roach in Florida alone. All all of them are prolific scavengers and procreators. A food and water source is all a roach needs to make itself at home.

How Did They Enter?

Roaches are sneaky and get in any way they can. They will make their way in through tiny cracks in the exterior of your home. They can sneak in where your garage door is open. Heck, they can even make entrance into your home using the pipes.

Roaches are Seeking:

  1. Shelter
  2. Food Supply
  3. Water Supply

To a roach, anything more than these three things is a luxury. These are insects bred to live in the harshest and most inhospitable climates on Earth. It is often said that when humans are long gone there will always be roaches.

Fighting Back

There are various ways to attack your roach problem. You can spray borders in and around your home with insecticides. You can leave sticky traps in the corners. You can also leave roach baits and powders laying around. These are all fair solutions if you think your roach problem is just a small one. However, if you believe that you may have a real infestation on your hands, it’s best that you contact a professional pest control specialist.

Your pest control agent in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge and all of Brevard County will know how to attack the problem from a multi-faceted approach. Using a combination of every tactic they have in their repertoire all at once will usually be enough to knock out a roach infestation within a few weeks.

What You Can Do Right Now

There are steps you can take and ones you can get into the habit of to reduce the odds of becoming a target of roaches. You can regularly sweep inside and outside your home to remove food particles which may attract them.

Don’t allow water to collect in spaces or items around your home. These little pools of water which collect in buckets, lawn furniture, tires, or whatever, allow insects to stay hydrated around your home. These places are also where mosquitoes lay their eggs. So, you have multiple reasons to make sure water does not collect.


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