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Bed Bugs and other pests Florida

5 Most Common Pests in the Southeastern United States

When you own a home in central Florida, you may feel like it is being invaded by pests. These pests, whether rodents or insects, are able to make their way into your home through cracks. Regardless of them being noticeable or not, you may feel frustrated just knowing they are around. Eventually, the pests will need to be dealt with prior to any infestation taking place because no homeowner feels like spending money to take care of a pest problem. When you are able to recognize the following common pests, you will be able to decrease the amount of time it takes to maintain the problem.


The Ant

Although the ant can be considered harmless, it can still be annoying for many. Ants can make their way into food , kitchen, and bathrooms Although you may need to have surfaces cleaned and food thrown away, the ant may not seem to be a pest that causes damage. But when ants invade, the colony is able to cause a great amount of damage. The presence of ants is also a great sign that other pests could make their way inside and cause other types of damage.


The Cockroach

Similar to other rodents, the cockroach leaves behind feces that tells you they are present although you are unable to notice them. However, when you flip on a light at night and notice them running around on the floor, then you will know that there is a problem. 


The Bed Bug

Although there are many pests that are able to cause problems more noticeably, the bed bug is able to cause more devastation once the home is invaded. They make their way into the home through the clothes we wear and come from places that we have visited while out and about. After they have entered the home, it may seem impossible to get rid of them. In fact, the bed bug is able to resist many efforts to eliminate them while quickly spreading. 

The detection of bed bugs is also not easy due to their tiny appearance. Rather, the evidence of their presence is through the damage they cause through biting the victim’s skin as they sit or sleep on an infested surface.


The Rodent

Regardless of the rodent being a mouse or rat, the infestation of rodents are considered equal. The droppings of rodents, food packages being chewed on, and streaks along the wall are all indicators that rodents are around. You will also know of their presence because of the sounds you will hear as they run along within your walls. Once you actually see the rodent in your home, there may be other rodents as well. You should obtain an inspection to see what type of rodent your home has so that proper extermination can be conducted and entry points can be sealed.


The Termite

The damage caused by the termite can be significant in comparison to other pests that invade our food or bed. The damage caused by the termite can also be expensive to repair. The signs that your home has termites include wood having tunnels, wood that sounds hollow, and areas having a pile of sawdust.



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