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Are Landlords Responsible for Pest Control in Florida?

Florida has warm weather most of the year. People live in this state to avoid the cold winter months. The mild temperatures in winter make Florida desirable to human beings but also to other species of animal. Bugs, reptiles, rodents, you name it.. If it breathes, it can live in Florida.

It is for this reason that pest control is so important in the Sunshine State. Pests are constantly trying to get into homes and apartments for food, water and shelter. Preventative maintenance is good but sometimes the pests will come anyway.

If you own your home or apartment, you are obviously responsible for your own pest control. But what if you rent? Are you responsible for pest control then?

Under Florida law, your landlord is responsible for pest control if you live in an apartment. But your landlord is not responsible for pest control if you live in a duplex or family home. It is always a good idea to check the lease. There could be a special clause in there about pest control.

We mention preventative maintenance above. The steps you can take to help prevent pests are:

1- Always clean up trash and food debris as you go. Even food left out for a few hours can start an infestation. Crumbs are often a major culprit. They may be tiny to us but to a small insect a crumb is a meal and a sign of a much bigger food source somewhere nearby.

2 – Always tackle pest problems as they arise. If you do not address a pest problem as it becomes first apparent, it can grow fast.

3 – Seal any cracks in the walls or around doors and windows. The better your home is sealed the less likely a scout is to wonder into your home and invite the rest of his pals.

There are natural ways to repel certain pests if they are not already established. You probably have heard the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”. This statement holds true for pests as well.

10 Feb

2 responses to “Are Landlords Responsible for Pest Control in Florida?”

  1. JOSE MARTINEZ says:

    Are landlord’s/ property management responsible for pest control, outside, but on the property? For example, spiders, ants and worms have been all over our vehicles, on the property, in the parking lot. Is the management office responsible for providing pest control service in the parking lots outside?
    Thank you!

    • Pest Management says:

      Hello Jose, The simple answer is you will have to read your lease for details like this. If it doesn’t mention pest control outside then the best idea is to call your landlord or leasing agent.

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