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New Years Resolution: Get Rid of These Spiders!

Every year many people pick a new years resolution, something they want to change or start doing in their life. For many people, it is something along the lines of losing weight or quitting smoking. This year, add getting rid of those annoying spiders to the list!

You know what I mean. You sweep out the corners around and outside your house and may even put down some bug spray. But, inevitably those spiders come back. And they come back in full force! That is because the space you have is desired by spiders as well. They like climate controlled, shaded places that have water and food. Yes, I said food. Not the stuff you drop behind the counter in your kitchen. Nope. That’s the stuff that attracts the ants and bugs, which IS what spiders eat.

A pest professional will eliminate the source of the spiders food as well as the spiders themselves. They spray the corners, lay down bait and put up a protective barrier that prevent spiders from returning. Your pest professional may need to come by every month at first but can eventually come bi-monthly if the spider problem seems to be under control.

The list of spiders that inhabit Florida is huge. There are many different species. There are 47 species to be exact. Some of them are poisonous and harmful to humans. Most are not.

Your pest control agent can also give you pointers of how to eliminate potential spider friendly spots in and around your home. It may be dark old woodpiles that attract brown recluses or outdoor lighting that attracts bugs which brings spiders. There are many more scenarios to be familiar with.

This year, take back your home and get rid of those spiders for good.


31 Dec

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