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The plural of beetle, the multiple version of hard shelled six legged insects

Pansy Flower can Be Grown in Melbourne FL

What Flowers Can I Plant in Winter Months in Melbourne Florida?

Winter in Brevard County is very warm compared to most of the continental United States. Its true that we do have cold spells and many plants do suffer during these times. Leaves fall off certain trees and in North Florida it is hard to distinguish where Georgia ends and Florida begins. Down here in Central […]

22 Nov
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powder post beetle melbourne fl

Have You Heard of Powder Post Beetles?

The beetle has a strange name, that is for sure. When we bring up powder post beetles, 9/10 people shrug their eyebrows because they have no idea what we are talking about. In this article, I will go over what a powder post beetle is and how it may affect you. This beetle is a […]

19 Dec
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black beetle usa

About Beetles

Beetles are one of those creatures that most of us don’t think about very often. You may see a bunch in the spring or hear one smash against your window at night and be reminded that they exist. But, for the most part, they are not in the forefront of our minds. What Are They […]

23 Oct
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Fig Beetles

Ever hear of a fig beetle? Maybe you’ve heard them called as June beetles. If you’re a gardener, you are no stranger to the fig beetle. They are large beetles that are metallic green in color and eat corn, the petals of flowers and soft skinned fruits. Some of their favorite fruits are grapes, tomatoes, […]

17 Mar
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Beetles Found in the House

Although there are a good number of beetles that can be found in Florida, there are only a few that are routinely found in the Florida home. Some prefer the indoors and some may come in after catching a ride on firewood or in grocery bags or other items brought in from outside. Red Flour […]

16 Dec
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