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application of chemical or methods that repel or get rid of fleas

Flee the Flea!

If you have lived in Melbourne, Florida for any length of time you probably have either experienced a flea infestation or know someone who has. Fleas are no fun. They cause itching and can carry other diseases, though this is rare. But what is sure is that if you have a pet, fleas will make […]

25 Jan
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Taking Care of Florida Fleas

We all know that fleas are a big problem to our furry, four-legged companions, both feline and canine.  But chances are, if they’re on your pet, they have now made themselves comfortable in your home, using Fluffy and Sparky as a buffet and laying their eggs everywhere.  These small bugs are a big problem, multiplying […]

17 Nov
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Getting rid of fleas

With the advent of warmer weather, people and their pets are getting outside more than they did in the winter.  Although this usually means fun in the sun, it’s also the time that a flea infestation can become quite visible.  But don’t let fleas get you down this summer – take some preventative measures to […]

20 May
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