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the larva of an insect, especially a beetle

What is best time of year to treat lawn pests?

Now is the Time to Handle Lawn Pests

The wheat doesn’t subside for Floridians living in Brevard County, Florida until late fall. But the months that follow are very pleasant. Fall is a time to celebrate holidays and get together with family. It is also the time where lawn pests are most active. The fall months are the best time to treat your […]

17 Oct
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All about Grubs!

In this area of Florida, it’s not unusual to look around your back yard and find spots of dead or dying grass.  If these spots are yellow or brown in color it may be an indication of a grub infestation.  Grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles, June beetles, Japanese beetles or May beetles.  These […]

03 Apr
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