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one of the most common pests in households, two-winged insects that mainly travel by flight from one location to another; flies feed on feces, decaying food, and trash and are capable of transmitting a number of dangerous to humans diseases

How to Prevent Flies

What Attracts Flies Into Your Home

Flies are a well known nuisance to many people. They slip into your home and then buzz around you and generally just annoy you until you are able to kill them. But flies are more than just an annoyance. They can be a health hazard. Flies can spread gastrointestinal disease. These diseases include dysentery and […]

26 Sep
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Identifying and Controlling Maggots in Central Florida

Maggots are nothing but the larvae of any fly. From the time flies are born they are nuisances and unfortunately flies breed quickly and thrive in almost all climatic conditions. In central Florida especially maggots thrive thanks to the heat and humidity and property owners should be vigilant to stem the uprising problem. Responsible, proactive […]

07 Mar
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