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having an issue with insects or rodents around the home or business

Mouse Infestation in Home

Why It is Important to Take Care of a Mouse Problem Right Away

When many people hear the term “house mouse” they may think of some cute little rodent depicted on a Christmas greeting card. The mouse is just raising its little family alongside of yours and everyone lives happily ever after. However, anyone who has ever had a mouse infestation can tell you its nothing like that. […]

02 Sep
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Ant Scout

How to Handle the Lone Ant Scout

We have all seen the single ant roaming around the counter top. Or one might pop up on your table. You may see one in the bathroom. These single ants are scouts and they are sent from a colony to explore and find a food or water source. The colony is always looking to feed […]

20 Jul
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Tips to keep spiders out

Tips to Control Spiders in Your Home

Most house spiders are not dangerous to humans or pets. But spiders are considered creepy and undesirable by a large majority of people. You definitely don’t want to be enjoying your conversation with someone and looks down and there is a spider crawling up yours or their leg. Not cool. So, we have gathered some […]

18 Dec
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Florida rainy season bugs

Rain Causes Pests to Seek Shelter

Many of us Central Florida residents are wondering where the rain is this year. Here in Brevard County we are experiencing what is classified as a moderate drought. The classification falls right in between “abnormally dry” and ” severe drought”. You can see the current drought conditions for the whole state of Florida using this […]

11 May
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Brevard Pests

Most Common Bugs in Florida Part 1

If you live in Florida you already know we have a large selection of bug species. Some people come to Brevard as tourists and are truly amazed with all the different types of bugs that we have. It is no wonder why the bugs love it here with temperatures that are warm most of the […]

12 Feb
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fleas treatment brevard county fl

Professional Flea Treatment for Your Home

The flea is a small, wingless insect which feeds on its host blood, such as wildlife, domestic animal, and occasionally a human. Typically, fleas make their way to the inside of the home by way of a family pet. Complex flea infestations may appear to occur overnight. Eggs laid on pets are easily distributed throughout […]

16 Jan
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cold florida nights and pest control

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Pests in Colder Nights

When it comes to pests in the home during the colder nights, you want to prevent them from entering the house if you can. This can reduce the chances of having any sort of pest infestation. Here are some tips from professionals in the pest control field that can help you reduce the chances of […]

12 Dec
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rodent poo is dangerous to your family

Why Removing Pests ASAP is Important

When you’re living in Florida, you may think that nothing has to be done in order to remove pests from your home. A lot of people do not think that pests will even come in the home. Pests do not have to run away from the cold because you live in a warmer climate, right? […]

01 Dec
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Ridding Your Home and Outside Buildings of Rats

Being scared of a house mouse is nothing compared to being in a dark barn with a hissing rat. Brevard County, Florida, surrounding areas, and several other states have dealt with rat infestations on every level possible, from a few to a few hundred. Seeing a single rat could mean that there are others, or […]

14 Jun
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