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Someone who does something for a living and by standards set by the industry.

roaches leave behind evidence

Signs that it May be Time to Hire Professional Pest Control

As a home owner or renter, one thing you encounter from time to time is pest invasion. Bugs are trying to gain access to your home for food and shelter. A lot of the time, a resident can stem the pest invasion with some pest repellent, bait, or spray. But once the home gets a […]

26 Nov
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Advantages of Calling a Pro for Your Pest Control Needs

There are all kinds of pests that roam around the Melbourne, Cocoa and Cocoa Beach areas of Florida.  Mosquitoes, ants, fire ants, palmetto bugs, fleas, termites, rodents and snakes can all find their way into your yard, and even into your home, eating the plants in your garden, destroying your home and potentially causing some […]

23 Sep
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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control You’ve tried it all.  You’ve swatted them, stepped on them, trapped them, sprayed them, and blocked them from entering your house. But still, there they are; pests.  They are everywhere you look.  They are running over your floors, climbing your walls, in your drains and biting you.  It seems they will never […]

14 Nov
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