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Protecting Your Attic from Large Pests

As far as large pests in your attic are concerned there are two main threats: birds and rodents. Birds usually build their nests high up and in an enclosure like the space between splitting tree branches. But, a nice opening in an attic is attractive to birds as well. This is why it is important […]

26 Nov
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Why Mice are Difficult to Get Rid Of Without Help

As temperatures plummet, mice go from enjoying their time outdoors and coming into your home for an occasional snack, to looking for a place to crash for the winter. This is a serious issue because mice like to have lots of babies, and just a few of the little guys trying to stay warm for […]

06 Dec
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Do You Have a Mouse in Your House?

Mice are a common household problem.  This isn’t because the house is dirty, but rather because it is warm, dry, safe and has a decent supply of food.  Most people find mice dirty, disgusting and might even be fearful of them (although a small percentage of the population finds the furry vermin cute).  Regardless of […]

11 Oct
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Can Rodents Be Removed from My Property?

Rodents are pests, too. They can come into the home, rip through the insulation, the siding and even cause damage to the wood and other parts of the structure. You may find garbage everywhere, broken items and even have them inside the home, where they might not be so welcome. This is a problem that […]

11 Aug
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Rodent Treatment Options in Melbourne, Florida

The fall time is when rodents begin looking for warmer places with more readily available food.  If you hear the scurrying of little feet in your attic, walls or crawl space, you may have a rodent problem.  Roof rats and mice are the most common of culprits to invade your home and claim your residence […]

30 Sep
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