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the warmest season during which many animals and plants become active or more active

Cicadas in FL

Do Brood X Cicadas Occur in Florida?

In recent news you may have seen stories about the “Brood X Cicada” and how this is the year in which they are set to come out. This begs the questions: what are cicadas? Does Florida have brood X cicadas? The cicada is a tree bug genetically related to the grasshopper. It’s the bug you […]

15 May
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Local Events and Happenings

Brevard is a beautiful slice of Florida and being a service to our community for 38 years makes us proud. Many of our fellow residents take pride in our area as well and they show it by providing local entertainment and events. We figured for this blog we would get away from the business of […]

25 May
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Tips for Avoiding Heat Stroke

In this article we will deviate from our regular topics of pests and pest control. Today we will focus on heat stroke and the best ways to avoid it. Why are we writing an article on this topic? Well, its Florida, and many of us will be spending a lot more time outdoors for the […]

08 May
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Protecting your summer BBQ

It is so much fun getting together with friends and family for a summer BBQ.  You’ve got dad at the grill working on the brawts and burgers.  You’ve got the kids running around chasing each other and you’ve got the ladies sitting around enjoying each other’s company.  But you’ve got a problem!  There are flies […]

30 Jul
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Space Coast – Sharks, Sharks and more Sharks

It seems that sharks have been in the local Melbourne news recently.   Here’s an overview of these stories: Shark Watch There are currently five great white sharks known to be hanging out in the south Florida area:  Betsy, Gina, Sabrina, Katharine and Lori Ann. Although these are, by no means, all the great white sharks […]

10 Jun
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Kissimmee – News at a Glance – May 2014

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the news that affects Kissimmee residents. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up with the local news, let us provide just a few of the local highlights in which you might be interested. 1. New signage in Osceola County coming. These signs are historical in […]

24 May
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