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is a city in the state of Florida, Indian River County and it is located south of the city of Palm Bay (Brevard County) and north of the city of Fort Pierce (St. Lucie County); the Atlantic Ocean is to the east and Osceola and Okeechobee counties are to the west of Vero Beach

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Sunstate Pest has been going strong for over 40 years and that is because of our great customers in the Brevard County area. Without them our business would not have thrived as it has. In this article, we would like to list the areas we cover with a brief description of each area. Rockledge Florida […]

08 Feb
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Bobcats in Vero Beach?

Last month, the local news lit up with the story of the bobcat dragging a shark out of the ocean at Sebastian Inlet.  Although many people thought that the picture was a hoax, local experts as well as wildlife experts state that it is probably very real.  Although it’s highly unusual to see a bobcat […]

16 May
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The Importance of Tick Removal in Central Florida

If you live in central Florida or in pretty much any non-arctic location you’ll have to deal with ticks at some point. Ticks are external parasites which make their home in vegetation and wait to latch on to unsuspecting people or animals in the hope of finding a free meal. Ticks are very small and […]

04 Dec
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Wasps in Central Florida

Wasps contribute to your backyard ecosystem because they’re predators – killing small insects and anthropods and bringing them back to their nests to feed their young. A few wasps in your backyard every now and then is no reason to contact pest control, but if you notice a wasp nest forming under the eaves of […]

03 Dec
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Today’s Pest Control Products are the Best They Have Ever Been

Not only are they safer for children and pets, but they are extremely effective. The success of ridding your home or business of pests does not rely solely on the type of products used however, the knowledge and experience of the technician who is treating the problem is also a factor. The prevalent use of […]

16 Oct
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