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Dealing with an Ant Invasion in Your Home

While ants aren’t nearly as bothersome as other pests, they can still become a pain if you have large numbers coming into your home on a regular basis. Fortunately, most varieties of ants are easy to get rid of, and if you notice an ant infestation you will likely be able to treat it yourself.

Block Potential Entrances

For ants to invade your home, they have to be getting in somehow. Fortunately, they travel in nice neat little lines, and usually you’ll be able to figure out where they are coming from. When you find their point of origin, you should block it off as soon as possible to prevent them from getting in any longer. Add a bit of caulk over a crack, foam holes that are open around your home, or install protective boards to seal up your house.

Remove Existing Ants

Use a broom or vacuum to remove any of the visible ants from your home to prevent them from finding a new way out and creating another trail into your house.

Clean Your Home

If you notice that ants are coming and going in one particular area of your home, take the time to clean it up with a good cleaning product. Ants follow a scent trail when heading to a food source and stopping them from walking around your counters is often as simple as wiping away that scent trail. While this won’t keep them out of your home

Bait Them

It probably seems counterintuitive to put bait that is going to attract ants into your home up, but that’s exactly what you should do. There are bait traps that are sold in most stores around the world. These traps contain natural products that will kill ants eventually. You should set out some of these traps, and the ants will come and grab the food within them, and bring that poison food back to their nest. This method kills off large numbers of ants right at the source, and if it’s employed long enough, it can get rid of an entire colony of ants without a problem.

As long as you follow these simple steps you should be able to remove any existing ants from your home, and prevent new ones from making it into your home as well. If you have a serious infestation that you can’t seem to get rid of, using a professional makes sense and will help you clear up the problem in less time.

02 Nov

One response to “Dealing with an Ant Invasion in Your Home”

  1. The part of your article that discussed how to block potential entrances to prevent ants from invading was definitely helpful to read. With how often we end up seeing these ants in our home, I feel like preventing them from entering in the first place would be a great way to solve our problem. After I get a pest control service to exterminate them, I’ll follow these tips in blocking those entryways.

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